Age of worms (DSP)

The Whispering Cairn
in which the irregulars enter the cairn...

Whispering Cairn

  • The irregulars headed into the Cairn, fought a few wild animals and entered a large multibranching chamber with a sarcophages in the center
  • The branches each were tied to a color of the rainbow via magical lanterns, 2 initially missing – once these were returned the party was able to continue on.
Diamond lake

Diamond Lake

  • The party travels to the feral dog after gathering information that Tirria, the rogue from The Champions of Manifest, has been frequently visiting the seedy bar.
  • Upon entering the bar, Krist, Darsyra, Duergar and Firefly seek out secluded portions of the room to observe as Varis initiated a challenge dagger toss with Tirria.
  • Krist quickly noticed a cloaked figure in the corner watching the game. The figure, draped in a red and black cloak appeared to have noticed the gazing eyes, and quickly exited through the back door.
    Duergar and Firefly persued…. Forever, they were noticed exiting the door by the cloaked figure, who quick darted down an adjoining alley.
  • Duergar and Firefly, after a few close calls, managed to follow the figure to an abandoned mine, and where they made contact. The figure, still cloaked and masked, offered a job, which would be further explained at the emporium the next day at midnight.
  • Varis persuades Tirria of the manifest champions to provide further information while they spent the night at the Midnight Salute.
  • Darsyra collects 70 gold in bets from their games, and continued to watch the bar for any other strange activities.
  • At the emporium the figure revealed herself to be an elven rogue, Evelina, who advised that the manifest Champions were after a cairn north west of town – the map and information was actually sold to them, by proxy, by Balabar Smenk, and is simply a ploy for the mine owner to draw in rich adventurers and their gold.

The plan involved breaking into the chapel of Durann and stealing a map and scroll of an unplundered cairn to the north west.

The irregulars were able to secure the scroll after enacting a well played plan which involved disabling the two rear guards… The library door proved difficult to unlock, and in doing so Varis woke the near by priests.
Darsyra was able to hold off pursuit from the knights and guardsmen with a well placed ensnarement spell, but was weakened in doing so and was carried to the rusty bucket by Duergar.
The others escaped safely to the mine office, scroll in hand.




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