A human of manifest

were among the first created the earth was new and fresh under foot.
Created in the image of the gods, humans were gifted with ingenuity and great adaptability but their petty wars and short sight for history cursed the early humans to build and destroy their civilizations while other races moved on in their culture, society and crafts.

An elf of manifest


were created by Galaedros in the dawn by fusing the spirit of life with a mortal coil, creating the first proto-elves.
Elves are gifted with great life and grace, but a stubbornness that has lead to their declined.
They stand on average a head shorter than a man, with thin hollow bones – both a gift and a curse owing to their great grace, but frail bodies.

A halfling of manifest

Optimistic and cool by nature, blessed with uncanny luck and driven by a powerful wanderlust, halflings make up for their short stature with an abundance of bravado and curiosity. Halflings like to keep an even temper and a steady eye on opportunity, and are not as prone as some of the more volatile races to violent or emotional outbursts. Even in the jaws of catastrophe, a halfling almost never loses his opportunistic sight.
Unable to physically defend themselves from the rigors of the world, they know when to bend with the wind and when to hide away.
Halflings often take the highest space available in their surroundings, anywhere from combat high ground to attic rooms in the city, halflings prefer high places due to their natural dexterity, aim and small size.

A dwarf of manifest


were created by Durann in the dawn by fusing the stone of the earth with a mortal coil, forging the first dwarves – the guardians of the veil
Dwarves are gifted long life and heartiness, bound by honor and loyalty to those they serve.
Dwarves stand two-to-three heads shorter than a man, but their bones are speckled with stone and their muscles are great and corded – giving them a strong constitution but hindering their mobility compared to elves and man.



Where the elves have a tie to nature, gnomes are linked to the fey that inhabit the quiet corners of the world.
They were exiled from their ancestral homeland of the feywilds in the same raids by the yaun-ti that destroyed the greater elven cultures.
While many can seem whimsical and distant, gnomes that dwell alongside other races often take to one craft or profession with obsessive zeal, using that passion to root them in their surroundings. Many view such gnomes as eccentric, as their passions tend toward invention, alchemy, or other technical pursuits. Those that dwell with fey are often the opposite, their lives full of frivolous endeavors, making them seem odd and fickle to outside observers. Even these gnomes take to one passion or another, usually music, song, or poetry. Some theorize that without passion, a gnome fades into the wild to join the fey forever.

A ghost of manifest


The spirit of the dead that have not yet passed on sometimes linger in the city of manifest, not an undead spectre and yet not truly among the living.
These beings last for a time before passing the veil, sometimes gaining supernatural abilities beyond what they possessed in life, but always resisting the urge to pass on.
These beings are hindered by the appearance of their last moments of life, be it horrific or peaceful, and an obsession with traits of the living.
In game:
For in game information, see Ghost rules.



The greatest monster threat comes from the yuan-ti.
Being abominations in humanoid shape rather than
true humanoids, the yuan-ti do not have the kind of
souls that can manifest after death. When they die,
they pass directly to the land of the dead. While this is
true of all aberrations, the yuan-ti long ago took eter-
nal, unbelievably intense umbrage to this fact. As a
race, they wish nothing less than the destruction of
Manifest and all the ghosts there.



Necromancy of any type is frowned upon in Manifest,
and animating the dead is strictly forbidden by law.
Still, the city is an almost irresistibly large source of
raw material for necromancers interested in both
dead bodies and the ghosts themselves. Thus, the
necromancers hidden away beneath the city (or even
in far-off Xaphan) send their undead creations into
the streets of Manifest to carry out their dark tasks.
Sometimes, however, undead are not created by a
spell but are generated spontaneously. Since people
here know that the dead person should have become
a ghost, they take the appearance of such an undead
very badly—it’s not just horrific, it’s also spiritually
revolting. Undead hunters are frequently more zeal-
ous in Manifest than elsewhere, for they see undead as
the greatest form of perversion.


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