Diamond Lake


Diamond Lake


A muddy smudge on the map of
the hills east of Manifest. Most
of Diamond Lake’s inhabitants are miners
and laborers, serious folk who spend most
of their lives toiling below ground. When
not working, the miners celebrate along the Vein,
a seedy road lined with alehouses and
brothels. Overall, the village is a sooty, sullen place prone to unpleasant bursts of violence and passion. But Diamond Lake holds
plenty of opportunities for adventure, for
the uplands on the lakeside opposite the village are rife with ancient tombs that for centuries have named them the Cairn Hills.
Idle chatter around the village says that
a band of richly dressed adventurers now
frequents the taproom of the Feral Dog,
Diamond Lake’s most notorious tavern. The
confident heroes of the Free City spoke of
hard-won battles on their journey to Diamond Lake, and of their intention to explore
the long-abandoned Stirgenest Cairn on the
lake’s distant southeastern shore. The PCs,
being natives of Diamond Lake, know that
cairn is often explored by the community’s
youth, who always find it completely empty
of marvels and perfectly harmless.

1. The Emporium – Casino, whorehouse, freak show – very popular, garish & gaudy.
• Run by Zalamandra.
• Shag Solomon (Wildman aristocrat)
• Tom Shingle (misshapen contortionist)
• Ariello Klint (Halfling sorcerer)
• A two-headed calf named Esmerelda, Jr.
• Chezabet, a beautiful card-reading bard.

2. Lazare’s House – Cozy gaming parlor focusing on Dragonchess. Upper class.
• Run by Lazare
• Daughter Dannath
• Khellek the Mage is a frequent attendee
• Chaum Gansworth & Luzanne Parin are regulars

3. The Feral Dog – Very busy, sleazy tavern
• Overseen by a half-orc named Kullen
• Tirra the Half-Elf is a regular

4. Church of Durann
• Led by Jierian Wierus, a fiery orator
• Acolyte – Hameneezer

5. Tidwoad’s
• Run by a gnome named Tidwoad, keeps bank vaults, buys/sells gems
• Keeps a Shield Guardian named Festus
• Gnomish visitors frequently lodge upstairs

6. Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Cubbin (a boisterous alcoholic)
• Deputy Jamis
• 6 constables
• Local jail

7. General Store
• Run by Tagin (Human)
• Just about anything that isn’t armor or weapons or magical

8. The Hungry Gar
• Restaurant run by Gul Tortikan

9. Jalek’s Flophouse
• Run by a massive, helmeted mute named Golot
• Owned by a fellow named Jalek, who lives near the top of the structure, but is rarely ever seen
• An ancient warehouse turned into housing

10. Smenk Residence
• A sodden old mansion a century past its time
• Owned by Balabar Smenk , owner of four mines in Diamond Mine
• Guarded by three hired guards
• Front door is always open during daylight hours

11. Deepspike Mine

12. Garrison
• Run by Captain Tolliver Trask , an aging, distinguished man
• Chief Cartographer Dietrik Cicaeda can be found here.
• Chief Scout Merris Sandover can be found here
• Lieutenants Dobrun Trent, Mikkela Venderin & Trovost Skunt
• 60 Soldiers
• A chapel of Olennyha can be found here
i. Valkus Dun – High Priest (tall, handsome)
ii. Velias Childramun – aging priest
iii. Melinde’ – young warrior priestess

13. Lakeside Stables
• Run by Lanch Faraday – portly half-elf
• Does not have the best reputation

14. The Midnight Salute
• House of Ill-Repute
• Run by an elf woman known as “Purple Prose.”
• Less expensive than the Emporium (Area #1)

15. The Spinning Giant
• Tavern with a painting of “Flailing Felanore” – a giantess who was captured 40 years ago
• Contains a decent quality stage
• Home to the local Garrison when off-duty

16. The Captain’s Blade
• Run by Tyrol Ebberly, a severe-looking man who claims to have once been a Watch Captain in The Free City.
• Focus on Masterwork melee weapons

17. Venelle’s
• Run by Venelle, a female human ranger
• Built of pine logs
• Focus on Masterwork bows and arrows.
• Can import from The Free City

18. Allustan’s Residence
• Home of Allustan , “The smartest man in town.”
• Sage & Wizard

19. Tilgast Residence
• Home to Gelch Tilgast, one of the mine owners
• A beautiful mansion with separate stables inside a stockade wall.
• Wealthy visitors can pay 1gp/day to stable horses

20. Old Piers
• An old sailor named Durskin can ferry folks around in his sloop, called the “Autumn Runner.”
• Also home to the “Harkness” run by a shadowy group called the “Cult of the Green Lady.” – cleaner.

21. Able Carter Coaching Inn
• Hostel (1gp/day)
• Stable (5sp/day)
• Runs a fleet of horse-drawn coaches that can travel the hills.
• Guarded by 4 guards at all times

22. Parrin Residence
• Home of Luzanne Parrin, one of the mine owners

23. Greysmere Covenant
• Home to three dwarven representatives of the stronghold of Greysmere, several days to the south across the Mistmarsh.
• Run by Dulok Blitzhame.
• Councilor Galuth Grobadore
• Councilor Bitris Ruthek

24. Gansworth Residence
• Home to Chaum Gansworth, one of the mine owners
• Memorial Obelisk located outside is dedicated to miners killed in a collapse 70 years ago, that claimed 300 lives.
• Guarded by 5 guards at all times.

25. The Rusty Bucket
• Popular restaurant that used to focus on fish. Green stained-glass windows make for an unusual atmosphere inside.
• Home to three pipers who play regularly

26. Moonmeadow Residence
• Home of Ellival Moonmeadow, the Elven overseer of Diamond Lake’s silver mine.
• Spends most of his time in the company of 6 Gray Elf companions

27. Osgood Smithy
• Run by Manlin Osgood (Human Blacksmith)
• Home of Masterwork armor & household goods

28. Smelting House
• Run by a rarely-seen chief smelter, is the one place in Diamond Mine where all mines have their ore smelted.
• Northwest corner serves as the residence and workshop of Benazel the Alchemist (Potion-maker)

29. Diamond Lake Boneyard
• Overseen by the Cult of the Green Lady, guarded at all times. Rumored to hide a burial plot filled with gold bars that no one has ever found.

30. Neff Manor
• Owned by Governor-Mayor Lanod Neff , sprawling and protected by a wooden stockade wall – home to the political apparatus of Diamond Mine.

31. Dourstone Mine
• Run by Ragnolin Dourstone, one of the mine owners

32. Abandoned Mine

33. Menhirs
• Old stone ring occasionally visited by druids

34. Old Observatory
• Crumbling building that once housed an order of monks obsessed with the heavenly bodies of the nighttime sky.

35. Dourstone Residence
• Home of Ragnolin Dourstone, one of the mine owners.

Diamond Lake

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